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Felixstowe (Europe) - Felixstowe (Europe)

Approx 35 Nights, From only €3928pp

Ports of call / days

Bremerhaven, Germany 0 Felixstowe, England 2 Antwerp, Belgium 4 Le Havre, France 6 New York, New York / USA 15 Baltimore, Maryland / USA 17 Norfolk, Virginia / USA 19 Savannah, Georgia / USA 21 New York, New York / USA 25 Bremerhaven, Germany 35 days roundtrip

Vessels details Container ship, Flag: Liberia, Captain Nationality: international, Built: 2001, Size: 85823 TDW, Length: 299 m, Width: 40 m, Voltage: 220 V. Air Conditioning, DVD/TV, Fitness room, Table tennis, Sauna, Indoor pool, Steward. Currency: US$.

Travel regulations: Valid passport and medical certificate required. A plain certificate will be sent to you. For dis/embarkation in New York an additional port fee of 95€ applies. Prices quoted do not include port taxes which will be advised on specific enquiry. 

Minimum age:  6 years Maximum age:  79 years Immunization: No vaccination necessary. Visa: Within 2 months stopover in the USA and holding a return flight ticket, the shipping line will accept ESTA certificate.

Cabins (please ask for sole occupancy prices)

1. "Owner" Double Suite View open to forward, shower/WC, double bed (2.05 x 1.80m), wardrobe, fridge, F deck, starboard side middle 

2. "Purser" Double Suite View open to forward, shower/WC, double bed (2.05 x 1.80m), wardrobe, fridge, F deck 

3. "Supercargo" Single Cabin View open to forward, shower/WC, separate bed and living room, bed (2.00 x 1.20m), wardrobe, E deck


Our partner in Hamburg is a booking agent for a number of vessel owners and chartered vessels.


* Maximum passenger age - 79 years old upon return.

35 Nights | Felixstowe (Europe) - Felixstowe (Europe) | €3928pp (2 Sharing)

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