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Europe - Turkey (HAM)

Felixstowe (Europe) - Felixstowe (Europe)

Approx 28 Nights, From only €3000pp

Northern Europe - Turkey

Hamburg Germany day 0, Antwerp Belgium 2, Sines Portugal 6, Piraeus Greece 11, Canakkale Turkey 12, Istanbul Turkey 13, Gemlik Turkey 14, Tekirdag Turkey 15, Canakkale Turkey 16, Aliaga Turkey 18, Sines Portugal 23, Le Havre France 25 Felixstowe England 26, Bremerhaven Germany 28 days roundtrip.

MSC Alessia

Roundtrip and one way voyages possible to/from most ports.

Vessels details Containership, Flag: Portugal, Captain Nationality: international. Built: 2001, Size: 85823 TDW, Length: 299 m, Width: 40 m, Wiring System Voltage: 220 V. Facilities: Air Conditioner, DVD/TV, Fitness room, Table tennis, Sauna, Indoor pool, Steward. Currency: US$.

Travel regulations Valid international passport and medical certificate obligatory. A plain certificate will be forwarded to you in advance. Minimum age:  6 years Maximum age:  79 years Immunization: No vaccination necessary. Visa: No visa obligatory.

Cabins and Prices

1. "Supercargo" Single Cabin View to the front can be restricted, shower/WC, E deck

2. "Owner" Double Suite View to the front can be restricted, shower/WC, F deck, starboard side middle

3. "Purser" Double Suite View to the front can be restricted, shower/WC, F deck


Our partner in Hamburg is a booking agent for a number of vessel owners and chartered vessels.


* Maximum passenger age - 79 years old upon return.

28 Nights | Felixstowe (Europe) - Felixstowe (Europe) | €3000pp (2 Sharing)

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