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Cape Town (Africa) - Cape Town (Africa)

Approx 84 Nights, From only €8320pp

Asia - Cape Town - Western Africa

Niledutch Makalu

Singapore - Pusan (Busan) - Tianjin - Qingdao - Shanghai - Ningpo - Nansha - Tanjung Pelepas - Singapore - Cape Town - Pointe Noire - Kribi - Lobito - Luanda - Cape Town - Port Kelang - Singapore

Roundtrip 84 days. Part voyages possible, please enquire.

Hamburg Sued

Owned by the Maersk group Hamburg Sued is a ship owner it its own right and also managing booking agent for a number of vessel owners and chartered vessels.


The Hamburg Süd Group represents powerful brands in the international logistics services industry. The entire Group is named after the container liner shipping company Hamburg Süd, which is globally active

Variety of container vessels from small coastal feeder ships of a few hundred containers to many thousands. 

Worldwide itineraries available.

* Maximum passenger age - 79 years old upon return.

84 Nights | Cape Town (Africa) - Cape Town (Africa) | €8320pp (2 Sharing)

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