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Netherlands domestic voyage (BVC)

Rotterdam (Europe) - Rotterdam (Europe)

Approx 3 Nights, From only €CALLpp

Inland cargo voyage

The Martinique sails a twice weekly scheduled service with containers between Hengelo and Rotterdam. The containers are loaded and unloaded at different terminals in Rotterdam. Here you can sail between the large vessels coming through the port of Rotterdam from all over the world.

A complete voyage Hengelo-Rotterdam-Hengelo takes about three nights. You can embark in Hengelo. Sailing the IJssel and Waal to Rotterdam. Back to Hengelo via the Lower Rhine because of less current.

Guests are offered a private appartment aboard. Accessible from the deck area you can enter also through the wheelhouse. The apartment is located on the starboard side and consists of a spacious living room with sitting area, TV with digi-antenna and DVD player with surround set a fully equipped kitchen with all appliances, a bathroom and two bedrooms.



* Maximum passenger age - 79 years old upon return.

3 Nights | Rotterdam (Europe) - Rotterdam (Europe) | €CALLpp (2 Sharing)

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