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Netherlands Finland (FKZ)

Terneuzen, Netherlands (Europe) - Tornio, Finland (Europe)

Approx 7 Nights, From only €888pp
€1014 (Solo Occupancy)

Ports - Countries

Terneuzen, Netherlands

often Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tornio, Finland

possibly Raahe, Finland

possibly Kiel Canal

Terneuzen, Netherlands


The Passage

In summertime the days are long in this area far in the

north of the Baltic Sea and from January to April you

might sail through pack-ice in the northern Gulf of



One way trips are possible from May to December. The

price for one way trips is fixed on a lump sum base for the

route Netherlands - Finland or Finland - Netherlands (4-6

days), even if duration or ports change.

During the ice season one way not possible.





Booking agent for Independent ship owners of various vessels and routes

Age limits vary for different Ship Owners - please check!


Various coastal feeder container ships

* Maximum passenger age - 70 years old upon return.

7 Nights | Terneuzen, Netherlands (Europe) - Tornio, Finland (Europe) | €888pp (2 Sharing) | €1014 (Solo)

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7 Nights | Tornio, Finland (Europe) - Terneuzen, Netherlands (Europe) | €888pp (2 Sharing) | €1014 (Solo)


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The Greener Way to Travel

carbon footprints

Whether a Cargo ship has 1 or 101 passengers onboard, it will still sail and use just as much fuel, making your journey almost completely 'carbon neutral'.

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