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Rotterdam (Europe) - Brisbane (Australasia)

Approx 43 Nights, From only €5164pp

New passenger service! First availability 19 March & 17 April from Rotterdam - MV Nordpacific, MV Nordserena

Rotterdam, Netherlands London Gateway, United Kingdom 1 Dunkirk, France 2 Le Havre, France 3 New York, USA 13 Savannah, Georgia, USA 16 Cartagena, Colombia 20 Panama Canal, Panama Papeete, Isld. Tahiti, French Polynesia 34 Noumea, New Caledonia 41 Brisbane, Australia 43 Sydney, Australia 46 Melbourne, Australia 48 Nelson, New Zealand 52 Tauranga, New Zealand 55 Panama Canal, Panama Manzanillo, Panama Savannah, Georgia, USA 77 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 79 Zeebrugge, Belgium 89 Rotterdam, Netherlands 91 days

1 Double bed cabin "Owner" onnly: shower/wc. Writing desk, refrigerator, Couch. Bed approx. 120 x 200 cm. Location: Edeck. View open to forward.

Short part legs i.e. from Europe to the USA or to Colombia can only be booked on very short notice from 6 weeks before departure. Duration and therefore the prices for one-ways may vary, a deviation of 1-3 days is possible. Please ask us for exact prices for your preferred route.
For one-ways from/to Australia additional port taxes of 255,- Euro will be charged per person.
Subject to change.
Vaccination: Yellow fever
Visa: all passengers need a visa for Australia and USA. Please ask the consulates for further visa.


Booking agent for Independent ship owners of various vessels and routes

Age limits vary for different Ship Owners - please check!


Various coastal feeder container ships

* Maximum passenger age - 75 years old upon return.

43 Nights | Rotterdam (Europe) - Brisbane (Australasia) | €5164pp (2 Sharing)

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