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Bremen - USA - MEXICO (ZYL)

Immingham (Europe) - Immingham (Europe)

Approx 60 Nights, From only €CALLpp

60 days roundtrip, part voyages possible (all ports)

Immingham, (Ijmuiden possibly), Bremen, Antwerp, (Bilbao possibly), (Searsport possibly), Altamira, Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, Port Arthur, (Rotterdam possibly)

USA B1/B2 visa required


Booking agent for Independent ship owners of various vessels and routes

Age limits vary for different Ship Owners - please check!


Various coastal feeder container ships

* Maximum passenger age - 75 years old upon return.

60 Nights | Immingham (Europe) - Immingham (Europe) | €CALLpp (2 Sharing)

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