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Transatlantic - Antwerp - USA East (FKZ)

Wilmington (North America) - Antwerp (Europe)

Approx 11 Nights, From only €1512pp
€1468 (Solo Occupancy)

NO TRAVEL POSSIBLE BEFORE APRIL 2023 (subject to confirmation by shipowner end 2022)

Antwerp, Southampton, Cork, Chester, Wilmington, Antwerp

One of the best ways to cross the Atlantic Ocean by liner trade - a freighter voyage from Antwerp to the east coast of the USA! From Chester you reach downtown Philadelphia in about 15 minutes by car. By train, New York is just 150 km away from Philadelphia.

Usual boarding days (subject to change): Tuesday (often evening) in Antwerp, on Thursday/Friday in Southampton, Saturday in Cork, Tuesday in Chester and Friday in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Eastbound voyages can only be booked until Antwerp, one-ways further on to Southampton are not possible.

For bookings from Antwerp to Wilmington, it is in rare cases necessary to disembark in Chester due to maritime regulations.

Different vessels with different cabins are sailing on this route, so not every cabin mentioned here is available on every ship.

Sailings: approx. three sailings each month

Subject to change.

Visa: Important! All passengers need a B1/B2 visa for the USA (only except of citizen of the United States or Canada). ESTA is insufficient.

3 Container ships

Flag: Liberia

Captain: international

Shipping company: German

Build year: 2007-2011

Ship size: 26.000-31.000 tdw

Length: 208-225 m

Width: 30 m

Voltage: 220 V.

Equipment: air conditioning, pool outside, dvd/tv, fitness room.

Ship currency: EUR + US$

Age limit 12 / 78 years (without exception)

Cabins: 4 different vessels with different cabins are sailing on this route:

Double bed suite "Owner" (Pursuit & Spirit): shower/wc.

Corner sofa, writing desk, refrigerator, hi-fi system, tv/DVD, carpet. 1 double bed about 200 x 140 cm. Location: 5th deck

(masters deck) port side. Open view to the side and astern.

Double bed suite "Owner" (Vision): shower/wc. Carpet,

refrigerator,writing desk, tv/DVD. Double bed 140 x 200 cm.

Location: C-deck. View may be restricted by cargo.

Single cabins "Spare Off." & “Supercargo” & “Pilot”

(Vision): shower/wc. Writing desk, refrigerator. Bed 90/110 x 200 cm. Location: 6th deck. Open view to the side.

Single cabin "4th Eng." (Vision): shower/wc. Writing desk, refrigerator. Bed 110 x 200 cm. Location: 3rd deck. May be restricted by cargo.

Double bed suite "303 Owner" (Horizon): shower/wc.

Double bed about 200 x 140 cm. Sofa, radio, DVD/TV.

Location: 3rd deck. View may be restricted by cargo.

Single cabins "Supercargo" & “Spare Officer” (Horizon): shower/wc. Writing desk, refrigerator, couch. Bed approx. 120 x 200 cm. Location: 6th deck. Free view aside.






Booking agent for Independent ship owners of various vessels and routes

Age limits vary for different Ship Owners - please check!


Various coastal feeder container ships

* Maximum passenger age - 70 years old upon return.

11 Nights | Wilmington (North America) - Antwerp (Europe) | €1512pp (2 Sharing) | €1468 (Solo)

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