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Eastern Med (Grimaldi)

Monfalcone (Europe) - Gemlik (Europe)

Approx 8 Nights, From only €625pp

Port rotation:


Monfalcone - Piraeus - Ashdod - Izmir - Gemlik - Ravenna - Koper - Monfalcone




MV Fides

MV Spes




Two berth outside en suite, one lower and one upper (folding), small sitting area




It is possible to take accompanying vehicles on this service for additional cost.


The Grimaldi Group, an Italian company founded in 1947, is a world leader in the transport of cars and ro/ro cargo.  With a fleet of 34 multipurpose ro-ro vessels, it operates one of the largest and most modern fleets of its kind.

Grimaldi Lines has been carrying passengers for over 60 years, first with transatlantic voyages and then with Mediterranean cruises.  Since 1989, it also offers unique voyages aboard its modern fleet of cargo vessels on routes that serve over 100 ports in 40 countries of Southern and Northern Europe, Middle East, West Africa and South America.

Grimaldi Fleet

Grande Italia class (9 vessels): 37,712 GT / 2 cabins

Grande Europa class (3 vessels): 51,714 GT / 6 cabins

Grande Ellade class (2 vessels): 52,485 GT / 6 cabins

Rep. del Brasile class (2 vessels): 51,925 GT / 6 cabins

Grande Africa class (10 vessels): 56,650 GT / 6 cabins

Age limit: on reaching 85th birthday

* Maximum passenger age - 84 years old upon return.

8 Nights | Monfalcone (Europe) - Gemlik (Europe) | €625pp (2 Sharing)

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