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Frequently asked questions

If you've never been on a cargo ship, or even if you are an experienced traveller, there may be one or more questions you want answers to. We have compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer any queries you may have. Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I can't find the route I'm looking for

As routes and ships are changing all the time it's impossible list all of them on the website; if you have specific needs please contact us and we can quickly check if your proposed voyage is currently possible. 

Can I work on board for a discounted fare?

It is not possible to work your passage; as you would expect crew members are trained to a very high standard to ensure the safety of the vessel and her cargo and passengers.

Fares quoted are for the only cabins available for passenger use; there are no 'cheap' cabins (and no it's not possible to bring your own food for a reduced fare!).

Can I take my pet?

It is not possible to take accompanied pets on cargo ships.

How long in advance should I book?

Certain voyages (eg transatlantic and Austalia) are in high demand and do book up many months in advance. The further you are able to plan ahead the better your chances of securing a berth. When enquiring you need to have in mind your earliest and latest departure dates to give us the best chance of finding a suitable ship.

Are children permitted on board?

In most cases no, some allow from age 16 - we can check - where permitted there are minimum age requirements. Babies and toddlers are not allowed.

What is my luggage allowance?

Most allow 20-100kg per person depending on the specific line; personal luggage is to be carried aboard and stored by you in your cabin. Commercial/household goods are not permitted under any circumstances and must be sent as freight.

Mobility requirements?

You must be generally fit and able to climb the ship's gangway and internal stairs unaided. Wheelchairs are not permitted, and there are no adapted cabins on cargo vessels for disabled use.

Can you tell me about days ashore

Shore leave is granted at the discretion of the Captain, where safe and operationally practical to do so, and not guaranteed nor contractual; you should consider this aspect carefully before booking.

Are there other passengers aboard the ship? What are they like?  

Passengers have a varied background.  A large proportion are mature travellers with around half of them being single but this type of travel is also popular with younger people seeking an alternative way to travel. The most common factor our passengers share is their love for the sea.

What sort of facilities do the ships have?

Being designed for a specific purpose; the ships do not have the same facilities as cruise ships.  But then, that is the whole purpose of going on a cargo vessel.  travelling without the pressures of organised entertainment or the pressure to spend extra money on board.  Cabins on cargo ships are comfortable spacious suites for 1-2 people.  Passengers share the officers facilities (lounge and dining areas). Some ships may also have bar, swimming pool, gym and lift.  

What food is available on board? 

Food standards are generally good on cargo vessels.  Expect three freshly cooked meals a day offering a well balanced and healthy diet. In between meals passengers have access to the pantry for snacks. Whilst specific dietary requirements cannot be met, with international crews most needs can be catered for in discussion with the cook.

Fare guidance

Across most operators the fares average around €130 Euros per person per day (en suite cabins and full board meals). All agents work from the same shipping company tariffs so shopping around is of little benefit. We accept payment in USD, Euro & GBP, Euro being the invoice currency. Prevailing exchange rates will be applied to deposit and balance payments as/when they fall due.

Does the ship have WiFi?

Unlikely. You may however be allowed access to the communication system of the ship for a fee. There may be no internet facility, but in most cases there will be the facility for you to send/receive emails. 


When considering cargo ship travel it is essential to understand that schedules published are for guidance only. For many operational reasons schedules change and flexibility is paramount. Any associated travel arrangements should be booked on a flexible basis only. No liability is accepted by us or the shipping companies for schedule changes or delays; this is the nature of cargo ship operations.


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